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  • Statistics


    new debt applications are handled by the Citizens Advice Bureau every day.

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    daily average number of people who were made redundant between May and July 2013.



    people are currently unemployed for more than twelve months.  This figure is currently rising



    is the average unsecured debt per family in August 2013.

    If you are affected by debt call us today.



    is the amount of interest paid every day on personal debt. 

    If you are paying only the interest off on your credit cards, give us a call



    of loans are written off as bad debt each day by UK lenders


    every 17 minutes 4 secs

    a house is taken back by the lender 

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    will be declared insolvent every day, this is equates to one person every five minutes seven seconds



    total value of all unsecured personal debt in the UK.

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    the amount spent on credit card purchases each and every day.



    number of CCJ’s being issued every day with and average value of £2,766

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Bailiff HelpBailiff Help

Do you need bailiff help?  If you are behind with your debts and have had a visit from the bailiff, help can be provided by Evesham Debt Advisors.  If you are in a position where you need bailiff help, it is not too late to speak with someone who can offer real and productive advice.   If you have had a card from a bailiff, or a knock on the door, the best thing you can do is seek advice so that you know your rights.  Do not interact with the bailiff until you have spoken with us.  We can tell you exactly what your rights are and what the bailiff is legally allowed to do.  Bailiff help is just a phone call away.

Call Evesham Debt Advisors today on 0871 529 5050 who will be able to assist.

Our first bit of advice for you is to not let your bailiff into your property; this can often be the worst thing possible.

Most debts will not get to the level whereby a bailiff is required to visit your home.  However, if you have been unable to pay your creditors or come to an arrangement with them, after due process has been undertaken you could get a visit from the bailiff. Help is available for you to understand how to deal with this situation.  Assistance can be provided almost immediately.

For Bailiff Help contact Evesham Debt Advisors on 0871 529 5050 or email