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  • Debt In Numbers

  • 6,389

    new debt applications are handled by the Citizens Advice Bureau every working day.

    For immediate debt help contact us on 0800 472 5050 or from a mobile 0303 031 5050


     people  a day reported they had become redundant  between July and September 2014


    Is the average cost to fill a 50 litre tank with unleaded petrol in October 2014

    25 years 3 months

    is the length of time it would take to pay off the average household credit card debt, making only minimum payments

    If you are worried about credit card debts call us today on 0800 472 5050 or from a mobile on 0303 031 5050 to learn how to pay this off quicker.

    £164 million

    is the amount of interest paid every day on personal debt. 

    If you are paying only the interest off on your credit cards, give us a call

    Around 9.24M

    Households have no savings, while a further 3.43m have under £1500

    71 properties

    are repossessed every day by the lender, or one every 20 min 15 seconds

    For advice on repossession give us a call


    will be declared insolvent every day. This is equates to one person every 5 minutes 20 seconds.

    Call us on 0800 472 5050 from a landline or 0303 031 5050 from a mobile for Bankruptcy help and advice

    £3.00 per day

    On average a UK household spends £3.00 a day on water, electricity and gas



    the amount spent on credit card purchases each and every day in September 2014 with a total value of £1.583 Billion.

    If you are struggling with credit card debt call us now on 0800 472 5050 from a landline or 0303 031 5050 from a mobile and see how to get interest frozen


    number of CCJ’s issued every day with and average value of £2,278. The number of CCJ's has increased and the value reduced.

    If you have a CCJ call us today for advice on 0800 472 5050 from a landline for 0303 031 5050 from a mobile

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Bailiff Advice & Help

Have you had the dreaded knock at the door, a calling card or a notice threatening bailiffs?  Help is on hand to give you instant advice. 

  • Contact us today for expert bailiff advice 
  • We can tell you what to do and not to do 
  • Just as importantly, we’ll let you know what the bailiff can’t do
  • We can talk to your bailiff about sensible and affordable repayments

Threats of bailiff involvement

Need more information?

Bailiff FAQs

The first you’ll hear about the likelihood that a bailiff could be used is if you receive something in writing confirming this.  Do not assume that there will be a knock on the door tomorrow.  But you also cannot bury your head and hope it all goes away.  It won’t.

Bailiffs are normally only involved if the debtor (the person who owes the debt) is unresponsive to their creditor (the company they owe the money to).  So if you don’t reply to letters or afraid to answer the phone, contact us today for instant bailiff help.

Our bailiff help

When you call us you will speak with one of our experts.  They will be able to guide you on your rights and what the bailiff can and can’t do.  They will advise you on the best response you can give.

It is very important that:

  • You don’t let the bailiff enter your home
  • Do not leave windows or doors open
  • You get immediate bailiff help and advice from an expert

People typically end up with bailiffs knocking if they ignore their creditors.  This may be due to the fact that the debtor can’t afford to pay the full monthly amount towards the debt.  By speaking with us, we can put a plan together to make affordable payments towards your debts.  We will talk to your creditors. 

We will even speak with the bailiff on your behalf.

Stop the bailiff

Some routes to getting debt free will stop any bailiff interaction completely.  It is possible to get rid of your bailiff with an IVA and bankruptcy.  These routes will not only stop your bailiff, but also many other court actions, such as CCJs.  To find out what we can do for you and how we can help, please contact us for a confidential chat.

Most debts will not get to the level whereby a bailiff is required to visit your home.  However, if you have been unable to pay your creditors or come to an arrangement with them, after due process has been undertaken you could get a visit from the bailiff. Help is available for you to understand how to deal with this situation.  Assistance can be provided almost immediately.

Knowledge is power! Find out more about our Bailiff Help Services here.

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